The Water Memory Installation
  • performative

The Water Memory (2018-2019) was exhibited for the Nuit de la Lecture at the Cité des Sciences in January 2019.

Water memory is the purported ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions.

The exhibition event introduced the spectator to a fictional context: in 2419, humans no longer lived on Earth and the visitor came to rediscover capsules archiving abandoned scientific knowledge. This installation is a fiction about a pseudo-science that has never been proven.

A two-way mirror cube contains a moving water stream illuminated by a strobe light. An AR-marker allows to discover an 3D liquid object with a sound track relating a story about the forgotten existence of water's memory.

The dialog with spectators was an opportunity to resurrect a scientific controversy and to question them on the sociology of science and their relationship to the water element: up to 60% of the human body is water.

This project considers design fiction as an experience in which imagination inspires both projection of possible futures and reconsideration of the past.