DRAWN Performance
  • performative
  • visual

DRAWN (2019-2020) is a series of performances mixing technological objects and ink drawings. The first one took place at La Générale in Paris in November 2018.

The first performance consisted in driving a drone equipped with a brush to paint with it on a paper cylinder.

The second performance was a participatory experience: four volunteers in the audience received poles with brushes to paint on a paper sculpture dragged by the drone during its flight.

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Theses performances reconfigure the relationship with the drone, originally designed for the army and security forces, to use it as a tool for collective creation and contemporary artistic performance.

The presence of the audience around the drone as the main performative object created an unexpected and spectacular modern fair atmosphere.

New spontaneous experiments took place in April 2020 with a vacuum cleaner robot.

These performances mediatised on Instagram question the expressiveness of gesture and technological objects perfomativity, to reconsider the artistic tool and creation in the robotic era.

If the brush is reconfigured by the technological device in each of these performances, it aims to express a contemporary critical discourse: recognizing human intention between these algorithmic loops that govern our current societies.

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Collaborator at La Générale: Léo Binder.