Quadrinio Installation
  • sound
  • performative

Quadrinio (2019) is an interactive quadriphonic sound installation created for La Nuit des idées in partnership with the Institut Français.

The project is based on a sound archive collected by the French institutes all around the world. This installation makes these sound materials interactive to emphasize the polyphony generated by the accumulation of each voice.

Each branch of the carillon corresponds to a country. By interacting with one of it, the device triggers a sound fragment lasting a few seconds from the country sound library and makes a pool of water vibrate, symbol of a commun memory.

This interactive device let hear a variety of voices, memories, accents and tonalities, generating a "world music" that is self-composed. The evolutive soundscape actived by the spectators fills the whole space thanks to the quadriphonic sound system.

Collaborators : Jean-Baptiste Krauss, Cécile Dumas, Daphnée Alia.